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February 20, 2007

F.A.Q.: Tracking Team Fees

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Does your team have a special fee that you would like to track? How about the notorious “outsider’s fee” that some subdivision imposes for teammates residing outside of your subdivision. Or, maybe just a home owner’s association fee for using the tennis facility. Well, Netcaptain can help you track who’s paid and who hasn’t.

In the “Roster View,” there is a Paid column for each person on the team. You can use this column to represent any fees related to your team. It’s not really intended to be an ALTA fee thing, but it could be. But it’s really intented to be used to represent subdivision or club imposed fees. Use it however you like though.

F.A.Q.: Sending an email to the entire team

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One feature of Netcaptain is that it can automatically generate emails to the entire team about lineups and team division standings. Many have asked, what can they do to email the entire team for things not associated with lineups and division standings.

Netcaptain does currently have the ability to email the entire team for any reason. However, currently, this feature is restricted to captains and co-captains. I may open this feature up to the entire team, but at the moment, I’m looking for possible holes with respect to spam. So far, things are pretty good.

So, this is how you email the entire team. It’s kind of a work around, but it works. In the “Lineup View,” you already have the ability to email the entire team with the current week’s lineup. If you notice, Netcaptain just inserts a template body and subject. You can easily delete and replace the body and subject with whatever you want. Netcaptain pre-fills the email addresses of everyone on the team for you.

February 5, 2007

F.A.Q.: Playoff bound?

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It’s almost playoff time again. And one of the most mysterious things about ALTA is how many teams within a division will ATLA take to the playoffs? The most common answer is that the top two teams make it to playoffs. But, sometimes they take three teams. Will your division be one of those where they take the top three teams? Well, it’s not so mysterious. ALTA already laid down the rules in their captain’s package. Unfortunately, we all don’t have the captain’s package.

Netcaptain to the rescue! Netcaptain has already programmed in these variables. You can see it in the Playoff Draw View or the Playoff Standing View. By default, that view has already programmed in how many of the top teams make it to the playoffs.

Good luck and play tennis!

January 19, 2007

F.A.Q.: How to log in Netcaptain.

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Before you log into Netcaptain, you have to be a registered user. There’s no way that you can register yourself into Netcaptain. You become a registered user when you are added to one or more teams in Netcaptain. This means that your captain or co-captain registers you when he/she adds you to the roster of a team. And this is important for later, your captain or co-captain registers you using a specific email address. Make sure they’re using the correct email address to register you.
Assuming you’re registered user, also double check that you are not logged in as the “demo user.” If you are logged into the demo, log out.

Great, now you’re ready to log in. But wait, you don’t know your password or you forgot your password.  No worries, you can get your password in minutes (ok, as fast as your email server is). Follow the link for “Get a new password.” There, you’ll be asked to enter an email address. Use the same email address your captain or co-captain registered you with. Once you follow through, look for an email from Netcaptain with a new random password.

Now, you have your password, and your username (which is your email address in most cases). Use those two information to log into Netcaptain.

Once you’re logged in, you can always go into your profile and change the password to something you’ll remember forever.

Good luck and play tennis.

January 18, 2007

F.A.Q.: How to start a team.

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Aside from how to log in, this is the next most popular question I get. How do I start a team? Currently, the only way to start a new team or a new season is to email me. You can get my email address from I’ll need the following information.

  1. The subdivision you’re playing out of. e.g. Shiloh Farms
  2. The league. e.g. Thursday Womens
  3. Anticipated level. e.g. A-5
  4. Captain name and email
  5. Co-captain name and email

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