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October 4, 2007

The Day Before

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It’s Thursday, the day before play begins. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to this view out of the hotel. We didn’t see it last night because the golf course was pitch black, and the mountain ranges were as well.


We had breakfast at the buffet here. Wow, only $7.50 for an all you can eat buffet. It was pretty darn good, and tasty. After that, we headed out to get the “feel” of tennis in Vegas. Gupton was able to secure three courts at Arbor Park, a nearby park in a planned neighborhood. As you can see, it’s pretty nice.


The weather was pretty darn good. I’m guessing around 80 degrees. There was a pretty good gust of wind that hits the court throughout play. The balls did seem to be flying a little bit, not something we can’t compensate for. We were hardly sweating at all, and the wind made it very pleasant to play. It’s so pleasant, you have to remind yourself to keep hydrated.

After a few hours of play, everyone went back to the Suncoast. I went back to the buffet to eat lunch for $8.50. Another tasty bargain.

There’s a player’s party later on tonight.

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