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February 20, 2007

F.A.Q.: Sending an email to the entire team

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One feature of Netcaptain is that it can automatically generate emails to the entire team about lineups and team division standings. Many have asked, what can they do to email the entire team for things not associated with lineups and division standings.

Netcaptain does currently have the ability to email the entire team for any reason. However, currently, this feature is restricted to captains and co-captains. I may open this feature up to the entire team, but at the moment, I’m looking for possible holes with respect to spam. So far, things are pretty good.

So, this is how you email the entire team. It’s kind of a work around, but it works. In the “Lineup View,” you already have the ability to email the entire team with the current week’s lineup. If you notice, Netcaptain just inserts a template body and subject. You can easily delete and replace the body and subject with whatever you want. Netcaptain pre-fills the email addresses of everyone on the team for you.

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