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January 19, 2007

F.A.Q.: How to log in Netcaptain.

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Before you log into Netcaptain, you have to be a registered user. There’s no way that you can register yourself into Netcaptain. You become a registered user when you are added to one or more teams in Netcaptain. This means that your captain or co-captain registers you when he/she adds you to the roster of a team. And this is important for later, your captain or co-captain registers you using a specific email address. Make sure they’re using the correct email address to register you.
Assuming you’re registered user, also double check that you are not logged in as the “demo user.” If you are logged into the demo, log out.

Great, now you’re ready to log in. But wait, you don’t know your password or you forgot your password.  No worries, you can get your password in minutes (ok, as fast as your email server is). Follow the link for “Get a new password.” There, you’ll be asked to enter an email address. Use the same email address your captain or co-captain registered you with. Once you follow through, look for an email from Netcaptain with a new random password.

Now, you have your password, and your username (which is your email address in most cases). Use those two information to log into Netcaptain.

Once you’re logged in, you can always go into your profile and change the password to something you’ll remember forever.

Good luck and play tennis.

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